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September 28, 2012
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Title: Canada x Reader: I Promised
Author: threepinkdoors
Request for kutiekitsune213

Just for some background, Mrs. Jones remarried to Mr. Williams when Alfie was a tiny tot. Mr. Williams is Alfie's stepdad and Mattie's biological father


"Okay, so that's CPR verification, first aid kit, coloring books, board games, and list of instructions," you muttered as you unpacked your backpack.

"Great, thank you for coming on such short notice, __________!" Mrs. Jones exclaimed, giving you a quick hug.

"Boys!" Mr. Williams called. Two pairs of little feet were heard as they rushed downstairs. You looked and saw two adorable little boys. One was ashy blonde with bright blue eyes, and the other was golden blonde with striking violet eyes. "This is ___________. She's going to babysit for a few days while mommy and daddy go on a business trip. Behave." He stressed that last word. The blue-eyed boy gave him a big grin; the other nodded silently. Mr. Williams smiled and left with his wife in tow.

"Hiya!" Blue-eyes exclaimed. "I'm Alfred! And this is my half-brother Matthew. He doesn't talk much."

"N-nice to meet you," Matthew whispered.

You gave them both a warm smile. "Hey boys. Have you guys eaten yet?" They shook their heads. "How about... mac-n-cheese! I make really good mac-n-cheese!"

Alfred's face lit up. "Me first!" He rushed into the kitchen, awaiting his cheesy goodness.

You looked down to see Matthew still standing there. "What's up, Matthew? Don't you like mac-n-cheese?" Matthew shook his head slightly. "Well, I'll make you whatever you want, sweetie," you smiled. You took his hand and led him into the kitchen.


It was nice caring for two little boys. Alfred mostly liked playing video games inside, but he was a very active child too, inviting you to toss a football back and forth. Matthew, on the other hand, was very quiet. He hardly spoke and when he did it was very little. He's probably just shy, you assured yourself.

You sat down after a quick soccer match with the boys and drank some lemonade. They're youth gave them seemingly endless energies, and they continued to play (or rather, Matthew chased Alfred around trying to steal the ball from him). You heard your phone go off, telling you you had a text message. It was from your boyfriend. You gave a huge cheesy grin and texted him back. When you looked back up, Matthew was on the floor, blood gushing from his leg.

In the quick second it took you to realize what had happened, Alfred ran inside the house. "Matthew, are you okay?!" you exclaimed, rushing to the little boy. Tears streamed down his face, but he did not cry out loud. Alfred arrived with your first aid kit. You quickly put on gloved and covered his wound with your hand as you looked for a gauze pad. "Alfred, can you get me some water, sweetie?" Alfred ran inside and came back with a bottle of water. You rinsed Matthew's wounds and saw it was only a scrape. You breathed a sigh of relief. "You're gonna be okay Mattie. It's just a scratch." That being said, you continued your work. You pulled out an alcohol pad, and was surprised that Matthew only winced when the liquid burned his raw flesh.

"I'm sorry..." he whispered.

"Sorry for what, Mattie?" you asked, folding a gauze pad over the wound.

"I'm sorry for tripping and hurting myself." You looked at him. He looked miserable and guilty.

"Hey, it's not your fault," you smiled, trying to make him feel better. "Things like this happen all the time." You wrapped the gauze pad to his leg. "You know, when I was little, I fell off the bed once. They had to take me to the hospital so I wouldn't get sick." When you finished, you looked up to see Matthew staring at a small, almost unnoticable scar on your brow. "Yup. It was pretty deep. They had to sew me back up to fix me." Matthew gave a small smile, glad he didn't need to get sewn up.

You packed your things and lifted his small body into your arms, taking him back inside. "Is Mattie okay?" Alfred exclaimed with concern in his eyes, jumping all around you to get your attention.

"Yeah, he'll be fine, Alfie." You gave Alfred a smile to reassure him. "I'm gonna take Mattie upstairs to his room and call your parents, okay? Watch some TV, if you want." Alfred did as he was told and sat down on the couch, flipping through his favorite channel.

You took Matthew upstairs and sat him down on his bed and pulled out your phone. "A-are you really gonna call Mama and Papa?" he asked.

"Of course," you smiled. "They have to know that you hurt yourself." Matthew looked away during the entire conversation with his parents. "What's wrong, Mattie?"

Matthew shook his head. "__________..." He looked back up, a serious expression on his soft face. "When I grow up, I'm going to marry you."

You were shocked. "Marry me?" you repeated. Matthew nodded decidedly. You knelt down to his level and smiled. "Aren't you gonna buy me dinner first?"

"I'll buy you dinner. I'll buy the biggest ring I can find. I'll buy you a house, and a car, too!" He hopped off the bed and wrapped his arms around your neck. "I'll get you whatever you want," he whispered. "So wait for me, okay?"

You hugged him back. "Okay, Mattie." He'll understand in time, you thought.



You turned to see who was calling you. A young man wearing a high school uniform ran up to you, holding his knees and breathing deeply. How strange... this was a college, right? "Um... Can I help you?"

He stood erect and smiled. "I-I'm glad I found you! When I heard you went to this college, I headed up here to try to find you! I didn't have much luck the first few days but... H-hi!" You looked at him with a confused look. "W-what's wrong? Don't you remember me?"

You looked at him carefully. He had golden blonde hair and violet eyes hid behind a pair of glasses. "M-Matthew?"

He beamed. "Oh thank goodness! You do remember!" he cried.

"What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in school?" you giggled. It was nice to see an old friend.

"I skipped today because I wanted to see you... B-besides, school already let out..." he whispered, his gaze softening. You hadn't changed a bit in the last ten years since he had seen you. "A-and I was wondering if you wouldn't mind going on a date with me..."

You froze. You were single now but... Didn't he promise you dinner when he was younger? "Ah... Well..." You smiled. "I'm free right now, actually."

Matthew smiled and led you to a new charcoal car. He held the passenger door open for you and slipped into the driver's seat. To your surprise, he led you to your favorite restaurant. "I-is this okay?" he asked, wondering if you even liked this place.

Your eyes shone with happiness. "This is my favorite restaurant!" you exclaimed. "Thank you Mattie."

The two of you enjoyed dinner, catching up on ten years of empty space. Matthew suddenly cleared his throat. "R-remember when we were little, I made a promise to you. Do you remember?" Your face flushed red. Of course you remembered. How could you forget the first time someone proposed to you? You nodded and Matthew dropped to his knee. "__________, ten years ago, I asked you to wait for me. I fell in love with you... A-and I don't feel any different!" He pulled out a little velvet box and opened it. In it was a dainty little ring and looked like it had business sitting on your finger. "__________, w-will you marry me?"

Tears filled your eyes. You wet your lips. "W-well... I promised you I would."
Request for :iconkutiekitsune213:
Yay! First Canada fic! :iconfailcanadalaplz:
picture~ [link]


That is all.

Also, charcoal is a color, not the thing you sketch with ^^;


Story (c) :iconthreepinkdoors:
Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) :iconimcanadaplz:
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