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February 5, 2013
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Title: Hetalia x Reader: Bring Her Back
Author: threepinkdoors

AN: Update! Okay, so it seems I'll be taking my ASVAB sometime in the middle of next week, so I'm cramming ^^; I've been working on this in my off-hours (basically I study and hour and goof off an hour and then study it again to make sure I won't forget~). Not too worried about it, but I've never taken the actual ASVAB before and if it's anything like the SAT (which I didn't take cuz I'm flat broke..) I'm completely screwed if I don't study.

This is based on a dream I had less than a year ago. (Though I'm working on it...) I'm not officially in the Air Force just yet, so a lot of the military things might be inaccurate and not a correct guide for life in the military. If you feel you would like to serve your country, please contact your nearest recruiter. Arigatou!


You were jerked awake by an unseen force.

It was quite dark outside. You swore and looked at the clock on the wall. "Oh-one-hundred..." you muttered, a sense of relief washing over you. You looked around for the thing that woke you, but you couldn't see anything. "Strange... It felt like a cold hand touched me..."

You stood and dusted the ripped red hanfu, the satin worn and faded. "...sesese..."

You jumped. "Fucking snake!" you breathed. You looked around for the little reptile but found none. "Okay... I'm severely creeped out..." you admitted aloud.

"You should be, Frau," a heavily accented voice purred into your ear.

The voice took you by surprise, but you were quick and you pulled your elbow back hard, hitting someone in the face. You heard a groan behind you and immediately placed your foot defiantly on your attacker's chest. "Who are you? What are you doing here? What do you want?" were the first three questions that escaped your lips.

The intruder found it surprising that he was dropped on the floor. But he quickly made up for it, pushing you into the air and catching you in his arms. The moonlight shone on his translucent face. It made his white hair shimmer like snow, and a pair of fiery red eyes looked at you in a very seductive way. "Don't vorry, I'm not here to hurt you. I came to help." Your face flushed red. He was leaning over you in a very tango-like dip. Did he not know the meaning of "personal space?"

You pushed him aside and stood back up, straightening yourself again. "I see, you part of the special force team led by Mr. Jones, am I correct?" You eyed him up and down. He certainly didn't look like special forces. He was wearing a fluttery black robe and no pants. No shoes, for that matter. And he wasn't carrying a weapon, either. "Or, you could be trick-or-treating, I got it. Look, I don't have time for you, I've got to get back home."

Your companion choked out a hearty laugh. "You shtill don't get it, do you, Frau?" From beneath his cloak, a long silver blade carried on a shimmery black pole revealed itself. The blood drained from your face as you realized what it was. You were so scared you didn't even bother to wonder how on earth that could have fit in that little cloak. Prussia saw the look on your face and smiled. "Sho. Now ve are undershtanding."

"I-I can't be dead... N-no way!" You shouted. "If I die, the whole world goes to hell! I don't know what they're capable of doing, but I know at least ten of them have an entire nuclear arsenal! America's alone would destroy everything!"

"Don't vorry, you're not dead... yet." Prussia smirked. "And even if you vere at your time, I don't zhink I could bring myself to kill you."

"Not you, too..." you groaned, covering your face in your hands. "Look, I barely know any of you, so why the hell are you all so into me?"

Prussia's signature smirk disappeared from view. He looked away, frowning. "I don't know." His eyes flashed back up. "Vould you like to find out?" He held a powder-white hand out for you to take.

You eyed him carefully. His body language told you he was being sincere. But his eyes gave him away. Something inside you told you that he was going to hurt you if you weren't careful. You just didn't know what it was. Or maybe you were being paranoid because you had never seen anyone stare at you with such intensity. You moved forward ever so slightly and held your hand out, hesitating a bit. "I feel like I'm making a pact with the Devil..."

Prussia chuckled softly. "Close, but so far." He took your hand and held you close to his body, lifting your face to his.

You felt your face heat up as he moved in, and immediately placed a hand softly up to his lips. "What do you think you're doing?" you whispered, mentally kicking yourself for being so soft.

"You said you vanted to find out, ja?" Prussia said through your fingers.

Fuck. "J-just a little, then..." you blushed.

He smiled softly and brushed his lips against yours. It was slow at first. But it started growing in intensity. Things were getting pretty heated before he pulled away, leaving you gasping for breath.

"I-I don't feel any different..." you muttered, trying to compose yourself.

"Nein?" Prussia asked innocently. "Maybe ve should try again~"

You caught on to his trick and slammed a fist in his face. "Asshole! What the fuck was that for?" you shouted, wiping your mouth roughly.

Prussia wiped the blood from his nose and chuckled darkly. "Gut, Frau. You actually made zhe Aweshum Me bleed!" He picked his legs up and sat Indian-style in mid-air, his scythe the only thing anchoring him from moving further up. "You really are as amazhing as zhey say."

"What are you talking about?" You glared at him, a not-too-happy expression on your face.

"You. Your person, your personality, your innocence are all somezhing I favor." You cringed, threatening another attack on him. "Vell, I shay me... You've got everyvone running after you, Frau. I didn't even have to kiss you to know vhat kind of person you vere." He was suddenly behind you, his scythe at your neck. You froze, sure that he was going to kill you for punching him. Whatever, he deserved it. "Do you shtill vant to see?" You swallowed a lump in your throat and nodded slowly. Prussia smirked and drove the blade through your heart.


England stalked the city streets, desperately looking for you. He passed crowds of people, giving them each a split second look, but none of them contained who he was looking for. It was great to be a country. Your mind worked faster and harder than a supercomputer, if you willed it so. But it had its defects. For one, you were not a citizen of the United Kingdom, and that was a drawback to anyone who was not the United States. While he had to manually look for you, America could just march in any direction and find you, no matter where you hid. But America was no where near him. England had watched his plane crash into the Pacific. Given his health status, it would be difficult for him to make a quick recovery.


England froze. "Well, speak of the bloody devil..." he muttered.

America was completely soaked. He looked worse than when he was on Normandy all those years ago. He was pale, the sickness taking its toll on him. His eyes were dim, but they burned with fury. Blood stained his clothes and skin. It was amazing that he was still standing. "Go home, England! I don't want to have to hurt you!"

"You? Hurt me?" England laughed. He stopped when he felt a searing pain in his chest. It was starting to affect him, too. "You watch too much television, Alfred. You're too injured to fight, so you might as well go home."

"Like hell I will!" America shouted. He coughed and blood splattered onto the floor, his lips staining red. "You might as well give up. She belongs to me."

"You still think she will fall in love with you?" he shouted.

"She's married to me! She'll never fall in love with you!"

England landed a blow to America's face, effectively dropping him to the ground in his weak state. "You know what's funny, I can't believe I didn't kill you when I first saw you! You've been a huge thorn in my side, lately."

"You... wouldn't have killed... a little kid..." America spat through his coughs.

"Wouldn't I have? Goes to show how little you know me." England bent down to America's level, his head rested in his hand. "If I would have known you would have destroyed my empire and taken my supremacy, I most certainly would have ended your life before it began."

"But'cha didn't..." America chuckled darkly, trying to get back up.

England gave him an entertained smirk and placed a finger on America's back, pushing him back onto the ground with ease. "You're so weak now... I wonder who really holds the power in this world?"

"That voult be me."

England looked up to see a silhouette in the distance advancing toward them. The tails of his scarf fluttered effortlessly behind him, and a dangerous expression was painted on his face. "Please to be leavink. I am to be takink __________ home vith me."

"You, of all people?" England laughed. "The last time I saw you, you were getting your ass kicked by a rather handsome Englishman!"

"Leave the conceitedness to Prussia-kun. If I remember correctly, your face was crushed vith a vall," Russia snarled. "Do as you're told, and you can go home safe, da."

"Please, it's more likely she'll fall for any other country than you!" England chuckled darkly. "You are the epitome of Communism, even if you're not anymore! Everyone will remember you for being a Communist, no matter how hard you try to convince others that you're not!"

Russia smiled rather sadly. He knew England was right. There was nothing he could do in that aspect. And he knew that you were democratic and you hated Communism. That meant that even if he had you, there would always be that doubt between the two of you. He felt hollow and his heart threatened to pop out of his chest again. But he held it in. He imagined you happy and smiling, glad that he was with you. He intended to change the most important thing about you--your last name. And he wasn't going to give up.

"I don't care vhat it voult take. I love her, and I voult give all my lands to have her in my arms."

England frowned. "So be it.
There doesn't need to be a Mature Content rating, right? :meow:

EDIT: Yes there does, there's cursing in this :icontantrumplz:

Hetalia x Reader: Bring Her Back
Chapter 16 - [link]
Chapter 17 - :star:
Chapter 18 - [link]



Oh my, looks like Prussia's up to bat! Hmm. I wonder if he killed you? :D
A very delicious kiss it was, I hope ^^; He's such a virgin XD

Yay! America's alive! :iconyayamericaplz: But he's sick..
:iconsadamericaplz: *tries to get up*
:iconfucknoenglandplz: Stay down, you twit!
:iconfuckyousovietplz: Vhy don't you both leave?

Oi, what a mess...
Hm. Germany should be just around the corner!


Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
Story (c) :iconthreepinkdoors:
You (c) :iconairforceplz:
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