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January 8, 2013
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Title: Jack Frost x Reader: Don't Stop Believing 3
Author: threepinkdoors


Jack tossed a snowball up in the air, catching with the same hand. He paced back and forth, throwing the snowball with every step. His bare feet seemed to not notice the freezing snow they produced on the freshly laid spring grass. He knew Bunnymund would probably be cross with him for freezing up the grass so late into Spring, but that matter was laid in the back of his head. His eyebrows were furrowed and he tried to concentrate on the black spot that was in his mind.

When he looked into his past, he could see he was a pretty fun guy, even right before his death. But that was the extent of his vision. He liked to fool around and he saved his little sister from falling through thin ice, drowning himself instead. But something was missing. There was a shadow in his memories. It was dark and menacing, and it followed him everywhere in what little visions he had acquired.

Jack shook his head. Maybe it was just his imagination. But no, why would he imagine a shadow? Pitch was probably playing with his mind. But the Boogeyman was sucked under his abandoned bed years ago, when he first became a guardian. There was nothing he could do from that distance. Jack looked up at the man in the moon, pondering whether he should ask him what this shadow was. But he decided against it, seeing that Manny never talked to him.

It's probably nothing, Jack told himself. The snowball that he was tossing was soon discarded, flying through the air and finally hitting a window. A young man with brown hair and curious eyes peeked from the glass, dropping his pencil and notebook on his bed and looking around the snow. When he finally spotted Jack, he grinned and rushed outside, dressed warmly. As soon as Jamie's boots touched the snow, he was pelted in the face with a snowball. Jamie dodged and threw a counter attack that missed Jack's snowy white hair by inches.

Jack noticed that Jamie was getting older. A few years back, Jamie was still in elementary school. He had just started high school as a freshman. He smiled, seeing that Jamie was still kid enough to believe in him. A sudden thought hit him: What if Jamie grew up and stopped believing in him? Jack stopped throwing snowballs, leaving Jamie wondering what was wrong. "You've grown," Jack muttered, his mouth going dry.

"Well, yeah." Jamie laughed. "Not all of us can be full-time Guardians, Jack!"

Jack looked on the verge of tears. "You'll still be my friend, right Jamie? You won't forget about me?"

"Forget you?" Jamie smiled. "I would never forget you! You're my best friend, Jack Frost."

Feeling a little satisfied, Jack smiled and participated in a complex secret handshake he and Jamie invented and added onto as the years passed, and he flew off toward the forest. He landed on the middle of the frozen lake, his body gliding down softly as to not disturb the thin ice. Not that it mattered; everything he touched would freeze if he willed it to. Jack looked down into the depths of the lake, as if he were looking for something.

Out of the shadows, a young woman's face was lit up by the moonlight.

Jack staggered backwards, scared stiff of what he had just seen. "That girl..." he breathed. "She's stuck in the ice?" He pushed himself forward in a hurry and looked back through the ice. The girl's pale face was still glimmering in the moonlight, her hair flowing all around her. Sadness bathed him; he was certain she was dead. "I'm sorry." He sighed. "I was the same, you know. I fell in through the ice, too..." The more he stared at her, the more odd it struck him that her skin was perfect, without any sign of decay. He leaned in closer, trying to convince himself otherwise.

Her eyes shot open, and a scared expression was painted on her face. Jack let out a scream and jumped back again. The girl clenched her fists, banging them on the ice as if she was trying to break through. "She's still alive?" he exclaimed, moving forward to break the ice, a difficult task in itself because he made ice, he didn't destroy it.

No matter how hard he fought the ice, it seemed solid and it wouldn't even crack. The girl's face was distorted; she was crying. Her lips were moving, but he couldn't hear her. He was scared; he had to get her out.


You awoke bright an early after nearly freezing your toes off in the cold night. Jack had promised he would be at your house early in the afternoon, and you wasted no time in making yourself look presentable before venturing from your room to greet your parents. Your mother was in the kitchen preparing breakfast, and your father was toying with the logs in the fireplace. "Good morning, mother! Good morning, father!" you chirped.

Your mother and father both cringed at the sound of your voice. Neither of them moved for a minute until your mother had the courage to turn to face you. "Good morning, my dearest." Her face wasn't exactly happy. It was lined with sadness in every imperfection on her face. "Sit down, love, we have something we need to talk about."

You shot them both a confused look but you obeyed and sat down at the table. Your mother sat in the chair closest to you while your father favored the chair farthest. Your mother winced and looked at you and you could tell she was trying not to cry. "We know how much you and Jack care for one another... But something has suddenly come up."

Your eyes darted from your mother to your father. "What are you saying, mother? Am I not marrying Jack?"

Your mother bit her lip and shook her head. "No, darling. I'm afraid not."

Your heart sunk, but your expression was furious. "And why not? You just said Jack and I care for each other! That's all that matters isn't it? And I already have a dowry so there's no reason why--"

"Jack is dead."

The blood in your veins froze. You stared at your father who had his head in his hands. "W-what are you saying, father?"

"I have just received the news." He sighed, pressing his brows together with his thumb and forefinger. "Yesterday, Jack went on the ice with his little sister, Pippa. And to save his sister from drowning, he pulled her away from the thin ice. But he ended up falling through instead."

Tears ran down your face. You shook your head, not wanting to believe what you had heard. "Th-this can't be happening... Jack is not dead!" You started sobbing, harder than you thought you ever had. Your mother made a move to comfort you, but you jerked away and ran out of the house, your bare feet hitting the frozen snow. You ran, not knowing where you were going, blinded by the tears in your eyes.

You suddenly found yourself at the edge of the frozen lake. The surface was scratched from the wear of skates. But it was perfectly smooth. There was no sign that something had fallen through. You carefully stepped onto the ice and crawled slowly toward the center. Here the ice was clear and you could see deep into the lake. Everything was stained a dark blue. Suddenly a flash of pale skin reached your eyes, and just as quick as it had come it was gone. A scared expression was painted on your face. You clenched your fists and started pounding on the ice. No matter how hard you hit it, however, you couldn't even crack the ice. "Jack!" you shouted, hoping he could still somehow hear you. "Jack, it's me! I'm gonna get you out of there, don't worry!" The tears were uncontrollable, and it only made you try harder to break through. "Don't leave me just yet! I-I love you, Jack! Don't go!" But no matter how hard you screamed and shouted, Jack could no longer hear you. He was gone, and nothing would bring him back into your arms.
Yay another chapter! :dance:

Jack Frost x Reader: Don't Stop Believing
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Chapter 3 - :star:


I started crying while I was writing this... It's kind of scary at first but... :iconcryforeverplz:


Jack Frost and RotG (c) Dreamworks
Story (c) :iconthreepinkdoors:
You (c) You :D
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